Transition Planning

DETAILED, PROACTIVE PLANNING for transition to college or other options is vital for teenagers who have social-emotional challenges, ADHD, and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Attorney Wurtman guides high school and their students parents through the transition to college.  The goal is to plan for success. 

What does the term ‘transition planning’ mean? It depends on the student.  

Together, Rachael, the teen, and parents examine the current skills and areas of need, and the goals. The goals may include a broad range of skills including the following:

  • completing the assignments for college-level classes
  • cooperating with roommates 
  • traveling independently on public transportation
  • driving
  • self-care, including hygiene and living in a clean environment
  • accessing social opportunities
  • making friends
  • exploring career options
  • emotional self-regulation
  • participating appropriately in college classes; being respectful of other students’ opinions
  • accessing resources and staff and college

For an additional fee, Attorney Wurtman will provide her unique Transition Document to smooth the transition to college. 

Transition planning should start as early as possible. 

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