Services Available:

My Professional Services include the following and more:

Consultation only : fee for one-time visit or

Consultation and ongoing advice and services as described below:

  • Explanation of child’s symptoms and referral for testing, explanation of test results
  • Educating family about developmental disabilities and/or psychiatric issues
  • Educating family about laws, regulations, Department of Education Advisories, Case Law, and other legal matters
  • Providing recommendations orally or in a written report
  • Communicating with school staff and with outside providers
  • Preparing for school meetings
  • Reviewing documents including test results, hospital reports, and correspondence
  • Researching appropriate summer camps, after school programs, gap year programs
  • Planning for transition after high school: ASK me for details at


Other services are available upon request.

Call  617-997-6348 or email me at

to learn about the services that I offer.