Services Available:

My Professional Services include the following and more:

Special Education Parent Consulting:

  • Review of the student’s documents including test results, hospital reports, and correspondence
  • Communicating with providers, including teachers, other school staff, therapists, medical providers
  • Observations of the student
  • Explanation of child’s symptoms, including developing disabilities, mental illness, executive function disorder, and others
  • Referral for testing and explanation of test results
  • Explanation of  laws, regulations, Department of Education Advisories, Case Law, and other legal matters
  • Communicating with the Department of Education, the Office of Civil Rights, lawyers and legal services
  • Preparing the client for conversations with teachers and other school staff
  • Preparing the client for special education Team meeting
  • Representing the client at special education Team meetings, including travel and preparation for meeting
  • Providing recommendations orally or in a written report
  • Advising parents about therapeutic residential schools
  • Researching appropriate summer camps, after school programs, gap year programs, colleges
  • Planning for transition after high school-general conversation
  • Researching gap-year programs, including programs in Israel, the U.S., and Europe
  • Researching colleges that have disability services

Parent Coaching:

  • Developing priorities
  • Self-care
  • Strategies for organization
  • Accountability
  • Having a balanced life
  • Stress-reduction
  • Researching providers and other services for parent or the child
  • Discussing options

Other topics available upon request

Asperger coaching: I am currently employed at the Asperger/Autism Network (AANE) and coaching requests have to be coordinated through that agency. Please contact me for more information.


Other services are available upon request.

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