Services Available:

My Professional Services include the following and more:

I advise parents of children ages infant to high-school graduate, who have concerns and questions about behavior and educational services. Sometimes the questions are related to the first awareness of concern. Some parents contact me when they feel complete dissatisfaction with options presented by school district. My areas of specialization include Autism Spectrum Disorder, mental illness, the Jewish community, and Israel.

Parents have contacted me for the following reasons:

  • They have sensed that something has been wrong and they have not known what to do.
  • They have requested testing or services and their requests have been denied.
  • They have felt concerned that their children have not made progress.
  • They have felt that their communication with their school districts have not been positive or constructive. 
  • They have considered placing their children therapeutic residential schools and hey would like more information.
  • Their district has withdrawn special education services; some districts offer 504 plans as replacements.
  • They have sought advice on strategies with which to monitor their child’s progress and a school district’s compliance with the IEP.
  • They have been interested in learning about options within the Jewish community in the Boston area  or outside of it.
  • They have considered visiting Israel as a family or they would like their child to attend a short-term or long-term program in Israel.

 Special Education Parent Consulting includes the following services:

  • Review of the student’s documents including test results, hospital reports, and correspondence
  • Communicating with providers, including teachers, other school staff, therapists, medical providers
  • Observations of the student
  • Explanation of child’s symptoms, including developing disabilities, mental illness, executive function disorder, and others
  • Referral for testing and explanation of test results
  • Explanation of  laws, regulations, Department of Education Advisories, Case Law, and other legal matters
  • Communicating with the Department of Education, the Office of Civil Rights, lawyers and legal services
  • Preparing the client for conversations with teachers and other school staff
  • Preparing the client for special education Team meeting
  • Representing the client at special education Team meetings, including travel and preparation for meeting
  • Providing recommendations orally or in a written report
  • Advising parents about therapeutic residential schools
  • Researching appropriate summer camps, after school programs, gap year programs, colleges
  • Planning for transition after high school-general conversation
  • Researching gap-year programs, including programs in Israel, the U.S., and Europe
  • Researching colleges that have disability services

Parent Coaching:

  • Developing priorities
  • Self-care
  • Strategies for organization
  • Accountability
  • Having a balanced life
  • Stress-reduction
  • Researching providers and other services for parent or the child
  • Discussing options

Other topics available upon request

Asperger coaching: I am currently employed at the Asperger/Autism Network (AANE) and coaching requests have to be coordinated through that agency. Please contact me for more information.


Other services are available upon request.