The Jewish Advocate Inclusion Matters columns and news stories

    1. The Loneliness of Living with a Mentally Ill Person
    2. Passover Preparation For A Child Who Is On The Autism Spectrum
    3. The Therapeutic Value Of The Kibbutz Community
    4. Israel Programs for Special Needs High School Grads
    5. Hebrew University Autism Center
    6. Dukakises Speak at Ruderman Event
    7. Jewish National Fund’s special needs program
    8. Active Retirees Find Spiritual, Emotional Connection to Israel
    9. JNF speakers share firsthand accounts of Gaza Border crisis
    10. Inbar cultivates self-acceptance, love among disabled Israelis
    11. Disabled People with PTSS
    12. Three honored at Genesis awards
    13. Visiting Israel when your child has autism spectrum disorder
    14. Israel guide dogs benefit, even save, lives of the blind