About Attorney Wurtman

Attorney Wurtman is a graduate of Ivy League college and law schools. She has additional professional credentials including a master’s degree in child development and she is an experienced divorce mediator.

Education and Professional Training

  • University Of Pennsylvania Law School
  • Barnard College of Columbia University, B.A. Philosophy,  cum laude
  • Wheelock College Master’s Degree in Child Development
  • Graduate -level social work classes

Administrative Law Experience:

  • Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee Legal Internship
  • Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Attorney Discipline Division
  • Justice Department of the State of Israel, Attorney
  • Israel Police Department, Attorney

Special Education Training and Experience:

  • Former Early Intervention Developmental Specialist
  • Early Intervention Training Center Continuing Education Classes
  • Framingham State University Graduate-Level Special Education Law Class
  • Federation For Children With Special Needs Parent Consultant Training
  • Continuing education programs at the Asperger Association
  • Wrightslaw Special Education and Advocacy Training 

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Mental Illness Training and Experience:

  • Former Department of Children and Families Foster Care Reviewer  
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness BASICS Facilitator Training
  • Parents Helping Parents Group Facilitator Training
  • Developed curriculum for and taught inclusive middle school and high school classes
  • Former AANE/Asperger Association Legislative Advocacy Committee Member

Mediation Training and Experience:

  • Community Dispute Settlement Center Basic and Divorce Mediation Training
  • Divorce Mediation Training Associates Mediation Training
  • Mediated cases at Norfolk Probate and Family Court
  • Mediated cases at Roxbury Small Claims Court

Professional Memberships:

COPAA: Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates

SPAN: Special Needs Advocacy Network

Current or Former Support Group Leader for the following organizations:

  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
  • Think:Kids at Mass General Hospital
  • Parents Helping Parents
  • Brookline SEPAC Out- of -District Parent Group
  • Parents of Children with Aspergers Syndrome

Attorney Wurtman is your Special Needs Consultant and Advocate.

She brings to this work an analytical mind combined with a strong knowledge of child development, Autism Spectrum Disorder, pediatric and adolescent mental illness, and special education law. She utilizes her mediation skills to reach collaborative solutions that preserve the relationships between families and school districts. She is bilingual.


Contact her at 617-997-6348 or by email at rachael.wurtman@gmail.com to make an appointment.