Mental Health and Autism Spectrum Consulting

I provide consulting and advocacy concerning special education, autism, mental health, and transition services for parents of children ages toddler to adulthood. I work as a life coach for individuals who have Asperger traits, providing mentoring in interpersonal and employment skills. I write the monthly column, ‘Inclusion Matters’ for The Jewish Advocate. I have published blog posts on the Friendship Circle, Jewish Boston, and Parent Professional Advocacy League websites.

  As a consultant and advocate I combine my training and experience in law, child development, mediation, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)  mental illness, and special education advocacy.  I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, passed bar exams in PA, MA, and Israel, and practiced law in Israel. I completed a master’s degree in child development at Wheelock College and I worked at  Children’s Hospital and Dimock as an early intervention provider. I’m an experienced family and commercial mediator and I use my mediation skills in my work. I believe that preserving families’ relationships with their school districts is very important. I identified ASD in many of my early intervention clients. I lead parent groups for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and I completed the Parent Consultant training at the Federation For Children with Special Needs.


Many parents find that advocating for services in schools and in the community can be overwhelming or stressful. The laws, regulations, and procedures are confusing. Obtaining accurate information about a child’s progress or about a district’s education or therapeutic options can be very difficult.  Parents are often surprised to discover that their students’ districts seem reluctant to provide the optimal services, especially if well-regarded outside experts have recommended those services.

I will advise you about steps to take in case, if despite your best intentions, your relationship with the school district becomes adversarial. 

With the benefit of my skills and experience, you can get through this challenge.

I provide in-person consulting services in Massachusetts and I am available by telephone and by Skpe for long-distance consultations and services. 

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